• Good food we deliver

    Basis Farm to Chef is not a typical distributor. We are a service provider that helps to bring together small and mid-size farmers with the growing number of wholesale customers (including chefs, retailers, and institutions) who want to buy the traditional, localized and 100% traceable food that they produce.

    Wholesale customers place orders through us for good food from participating small and mid-size farmers. Our role is to take care of getting good food from the farm gate to the wholesale customer as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible: one order, one delivery, and one bill.

    Working with Basis Farm to Chef is simple, easy, and efficient for both farmers and wholesale customers:

    1. Participating farmers let us know what products they have available each week.

    2. Wholesale customers place orders with us online, over the phone, or via fax.

    3. Basis Farm to Chef picks up from farmers and delivers directly to wholesale customers.

  • It’s an ironic truth: the food produced closest to you can often be the hardest to get your hands on. Basis Farm to Chef aims to change that by concentrating our sourcing efforts within our region and providing a convenient and affordable solution for small and mid size farmers wishing to expand their market. As a result, we can offer wholesale customers top quality products, direct from the farm, at a fair price.

    • Great Products: We provide you with easy access to farm-fresh products delivered directly from family farms and artisanal producers, many of which are not available from any other distributor or store.
    • Great Value: We offer competitive prices on superior products with exceptional service. The Basis Farm to Chef service fees are much lower than the markups charged by most distributors.
    • Convenience: One-stop shopping and consolidated billing for farm-fresh products delivered directly from participating small and mid-size farmers.
    • Transparency: Everything Basis Farm to Chef sells is 100% traceable – you always know which producer you are ordering from, and are encouraged to speak directly with the farmer if you have questions or special requests.
    • Full-Service: We offer opportunities to visit our farms and meet the producers, and we work with farmers and chefs to organize special events, customize product offerings, and expedite ordering and delivery.


  • It’s hard for family farms to compete with large-scale agribusiness, and we recognize that getting products to market can often be the weakest link in the good food value chain. So we decided to make it easier. Basis can help take care of product pick-up, transportation, storage, delivery, and marketing. We can take care of all the logistics of getting product from farm gate to market in a cost-effective, reliable, and efficient manner. 

    • Access to New Markets: Selling through Basis Farm to Chef gives you access to wholesale customers who may otherwise not know about or be able to buy your products; we actively market our farmers to potential and existing customers including the 20,000+ restaurants in New York City.
    • Great Value: Our service fees are much lower than the expensive markups taken by distributors, and our customers understand and appreciate the value of quality products produced by family farms.
    • Convenience: We make it easy; all you need to do is let us know what’s available and we handle the rest, including sales, delivery, and customer billing.
    • Transparency: Everything Basis Farm to Chef sells is 100% traceable – you always know which customer ordered your products, and are always welcome to speak directly with the customer for any reason.
    • Full-Service: Whether you’re looking to sell a few products to a select group of customers or have a record harvest that you need to move quickly, we’re here to help! We are flexible in our approach and committed to your success.